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Dr. Amir Nasser, Registered Osteopath

Amir studied at RMIT, completing his Bachelors in osteopathy, which is a five-year degree, in 2018. He’s worked with Box Hill North FC as the head sports trainer before becoming an osteopath. In addition to osteopathy, Amir has completed his level 1 sports trainer course, dry-needling and cupping, and clinical exercise Pilates courses.

Amir loves working with people and appreciates the feeling of gratitude he receives when he is able to positively affect someone’s life. Amir’s particular areas of interests are sports injuries, head aches, neck and shoulder pain, hip and back pain.

Outside of the clinic, Amir can be found training in Jiu Jistu, gym, and playing table tennis.


Dr. Jessie Groves, Registered Osteopath

Jessie completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Complementary Medicine (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy, graduating at RMIT University in 2014.

Jessie has worked at multiple osteopathic clinics in Melbourne, interstate and overseas. This has allowed her to have exposure to a wide variety of conditions and injuries from the young to the elderly.

Jessie has a special interest in pregnancy and paediatric osteopathy of children 5 years and above, She has completed further courses in paediatric osteopathy and dry needling.

Jessie uses a range of osteopathic techniques to treat a wide range of conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, strains, tennis elbow etc. Jessie treats both structurally and indirectly to provide effective pain relief and support the body’s optimal structure.

Jessie is currently available Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays at BeEnhanced Osteopathy, with treatments available for children 5 years and above, pregnant women and adults.

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Dr. James Billings, Registered Osteopath

James graduated from RMIT with a double degree Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy). James has always had an interest in problem solving and has adapted this into a career he has enjoyed and loved.

James has a big passion in sport, having played it since he was young. This has become one of the biggest driving factors for him to pick a career in osteopathy. He has seen and dealt with injuries first hand and can relate to many patient complaints. He has developed an understanding of what patients could be potentially going through emotionally and physically. He has an excellent insight into rehab and various treatment path his patients will be undertaking.

James is a structural osteopath, his treatments involve soft tissue massage, manipulation, stretching, articulation and other osteopathic techniques, tailored to his patient’s needs.

Outside of osteopathy, James enjoys sports, movies, music and catching up with family and friends.

Dr. Stacey Sakulas, Registered Osteopath

Stacey graduated from RMIT University in 2019 with a double degree in Osteopathy, before that she had graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Biomedicine. Stacey’s previous work experience involves working as a sports trainer for VAFA level football teams, and working as an Osteopath in the aged care sector.

Stacey’s hobbies include: hiking, crocheting and spending time with her dogs.

Stacey is interested in treating all types of cases, from lower back pain to TMJ. She is excited to be joining Be Enhanced health, and providing care to the Western Suburbs.


Dr. Romesh De Vos, Registered Osteopath

B Enhanced is a healthcare clinic that provides Osteopathy and Naturopathy, founded by Dr. Romesh De Vos.

It is not every day that you find someone doing a job that they absolutely love.  Helping others has been a passion of Romesh, ever since he was a child.  Being born in a third world country and raised in a close-knit family, has taught Romesh the importance of investing his time and energy into other people.  This is why he chose to become a practitioner.

Romesh’s passion, dedication and commitment that you will see in treatments is why patients are so happy and why treatments are so successful. Romesh puts 100% into each treatment to get the best results possible.

Romesh successfully completed his studies in Osteopathy which included his Undergraduate and Postgraduate Master qualifications. He is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is accredited member of the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA); the national professional body representing Osteopaths.

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Dr. Akosua Silva, Registered Naturopath

Akosua Silva is the new Naturopath in town at B Enhanced.

Growing up in an environment that valued holistic health, ignited a curiosity in traditional medicine, which fueled her passion to become a Naturopath. She gained a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)  through studying at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne. She also has a Bachelor in Medical Science (Honours) and with experience working in a pathology lab.

Akosua is fascinated at the amazing healing power of nature and it’s use in both allopathic and complimentary medicine as well as everyday food. She is passionate about looking at one’s health as an integrated whole with the help of nature to assist on the journey to health.

She is a member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association.

Her pastime is having ‘onse’ (chilean tea time) with family and enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures.


Victoria, Office Administrator

As a university student aspiring to work in the healthcare industry, Victoria hopes to get along well with all patients and assist them when needed. Her current studies in health sciences have broadened her perspective on a variety of allied health professions and enhanced her understanding of health management. Therefore, it has enabled her to provide adequate care for patients when they enter the clinic.

Her specialties involve customer service, interpersonal skills, organisational and time management which has derived from her previous work experiences at a chemist and a volunteer position teaching children. Moreover, her recent role in hospitality has enlightened her outlook on client relations, thereby ensuring that clients are satisfied and comfortable at all times.

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