We’re bringing healthy back! B Enhanced now offers Naturopathy.

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Regular Naturopathic consultation fees:

Initial Treatment – $85 (45 to 60 minute)
Return Treatment – $65 (30 minute)

    Naturopathic treatment a B Enhanced, focuses on your body’s inherent ability to heal itself; this vital force is what helps us get back on track after an insult like a cold or physical injury, bringing us back to health. However sometimes influences from our environment, lifestyle and diet (e.g. toxins, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, etc.), can impair the body’s vital force in bringing us back into balance. Our Naturopathy services utilises the use of herbs, nutrition and lifestyle advice to assist the vital force in helping your body to heal itself.

    A consult with a B Enhanced Naturopath involves a full case history and the use of diagnostic tools such as iris, tongue and nail analysis as well as checking other vitals (eg. pulse, blood pressure, etc.). Your health state or presenting health issues are analysed as a whole picture and an appropriate therapeutic plan is developed to support your body’s natural healing ability.

    Stop accepting your health issues.  Book an appointment with a B Enhanced Naturopath today.